Anonymous sent: You have lovely eyes

"Uh… I thank you…" Obviously this anon was into freakish, bioluminescant, rainbow eyes…?

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Streamingg :D

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(Nothing C: I love you Dark Matter)

Anonymous sent: Would you have sex with a 20 year-old princess if she had big breasts?

"I do not know why you ask me these questions.. In your culture, I would be deemed as asexual. I have no interests in having a partner… Your questions… You should treat women with far more respect.." -u_u-

"For questions like that.. Maybe going to see my good ‘friend’ Dark Matter.. Will help you… His blog is titled Ask-DarkMatter. Yes… Direct your questions to him..”

Anonymous sent: I'm gonna bake you in a pie BULEBERRY!!!!! >:)

"Buleberry? Ah… is this a new fruit? Heh.. Yes.. Just try it…"

Anonymous sent: What is sex? :/

"You have heard of the internet, correct? Go ask- what is it called? Gooble? Yes, Gooble… They will know the answer for you…"

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Anonymous sent: Do you have rabies? Cause I heard bats have rabies

He coughed, almost choking on his drink. “What… makes you think I have rabies? Do I look like I froth at the mouth? Also… I’m not a bat, I merely have wings similar to one..”

(Actually, in the animal kingdom. Not all bats have rabies…)

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Anonymous sent: Were do babies come from?

He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Hm.. You want the answer… Maybe ask Keeby and Kaby.. They know for sure…”

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Anonymous sent: YOU HAVE A SMALL D@&$K

"I’m sorry… I do not understand what you are saying… Maybe speaking the universal language properly… Might help a little…" Oblivious Puffball.